What To Look For In An Estate Planning Service

4 September 2018
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If you recently became ill, either with a disease you have been fighting for a long time or with something that came unexpectedly, then you may be wondering what on earth you should do about your estate in the event that you pass away. Remember that you don't have to be considered wealthy to have an estate; all you need to have is some amount of assets, including real estate, savings accounts, bonds, stocks, jewelry, and anything else that may have a lot of value. Since you have never likely been in the market for an estate planning service, you may not know what to look for. This article will take a closer look at some things to look for in an estate planning service. Read on to learn more. 

A Lawyer

One of the first things you should look for in an estate planning service is someone who is a trust lawyer. Trust lawyers specialize in this field of law and will be your best resource when it comes to creating a will, distributing a will, and taking care of all of your assets once you pass. When you are looking for a trust lawyer, make sure that you choose someone who you can fully trust; although attorneys have to pass tests and are supposed to be honest, you want to make sure that you feel good about them taking care of your family and your assets once you have passed. 

Someone With Multiple Areas of Expertise

In addition to hiring a trust lawyer, you also want to find a lawyer that has experience with things like taxes. When you hire a trust lawyer that also has experience with tax laws, then they can usually help ensure that your family doesn't get hit with unnecessary taxes on your estate after you pass. 

You want to put your family in the best situation possible after you pass away by ensuring that they are set up financially, and that all of your assets are distributed to everyone fairly. If you are currently sick and are worried about all of your financial assets, make sure that you contact an estate planning service right away to go over all of your options and to ensure that your loved ones will be financially secure after your passing. To learn more about all of these services and what you can expect, make sure to contact a trust lawyer, like those at Thomason & Hessmer, today.